About                      How is LGES different?

LGES is a leading nationwide executive search firm with offices in Silicon Valley and New York. Established in 1992, we’re a boutique firm specialized in recruiting executives for industry leading companies.


Each partner has a dedicated focus within a particular industry ensuring quick, successful access to industry leading executives

Our partners only take on a few searches at any time and, as a result, our completion success rate has been nearly 100% for over a decade.

Leadership Group delivers exceptionally qualified candidates quickly. We differentiate ourselves from other firms in the following ways:

  • LGES' partners are former CEOs and Executives with extensive operational and leadership experience. This executive experience gives us credibility and a platform from which to understand our clients and analyze potential candidates.
  • Concurrent searches are kept to a minimum to focus on successfully meeting your needs.
  • We work in specific industries where we have in-depth experience and knowledge.
  • Our search executives do their own research and sourcing of candidates.
  • To ensure calibration, our partners endeavor to interview initial screened candidates with the client at the same time to ensure that our interpretation of a strong candidate matches the client’s view.